What are the signs that I will fail?

What are the signs I will fail?If you want to succeed on-line, you have to be realistic.  In my experience, you will fail if:

  1. You want and expect instant success.  When you buy a lottery ticket, do you expect that come the draw on Saturday night, you will be a millionaire?
  2. You think other people are going to do the work for you.  If you can afford to buy a marketing expert, a web designer, a media expert etc etc – then great – you’re probably already way ahead of anyone else that is trying to succeed online.
  3. You want to know how much money you’ll make, and how soon!  Yeah ok, we all do – but realise this – no-one at all would be putting up webshops, or any other type of website if it didn’t make money on-line.  Just accept that yes, people do make money – $100’s of billions every year in fact – and if you want to be part of it, you need to work at it.

If you think like this, don’t worry. Just change the way you think about making a living on-line, and you’ll be ok. If you expect instant success, or you want now what others have, or you think others will do all the work for you… change your mindset a little to “I have to work at this – nothing is gained from nothing”.  You will succeed with the right outlook on what you have to put in to this.