Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam – find out what I think

Wealthy Affiliate ReviewThere are many schemes out there looking for you to give away your money to them.  If you’re looking for a real work at home job you may be tempted by some of them – so, is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam – I’ve tried it – so read on to find out.

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com
Price: $0 Starter Membership (get free account)
Includes: Free Websites, Support, Videos, access to thousands of like minded people
Education Levels: Entrepreneur Certification, through 13 classrooms
Overall Rank: 10 out of 10


Wealthy Affiliate Introduction – my personal review

Wealthy Affiliate is a community of people, resources and training (tutorials and videos) aimed at helping to support anyone who would like to set-up a way of earning an income on-line.

The training covers a number of areas – from setting up an affiliate website, promoting Wealthy Affiliate – to setting up unrelated websites based around your interests and passions – and showing you how you can use that as the basis of a business.

A quick note – before I go on…

If you are looking for a “get rich quick” scheme – promising you that without having to think, you can generate an income of $10,000 in your first week – can I suggest you look elsewhere (at some of the scams noted on this site).

So, now that that’s out of the way – hopefully anyone still reading knows already that you can’t legitimately get rich, or indeed make any amount of money, without putting in the effort first.

What is Wealthy Affiliate then?

I like to think of Wealthy Affiliate as a school.  It’ll teach you everything you need to know about how to succeed in the world of online business – but if you can’t be bothered applying what you’ve been taught, or if you skipped a few classes and didn’t take them in, then there is a good chance you won’t see the rewards you deserve.

It’s as simple as that.

Ok, if you’re still reading – I’m really pleased.  I don’t want anyone to think they won’t have to work – but if you do, and work through each lesson and carry out the simple tasks (post something on Facebook, think of 3 things you like doing etc), then you are maximising your chances of becoming successful on-line, and working for yourself with your own word from home job.

What are the Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate.


  • Training to suit all levels of knowledge/experience (complete newbie to experienced internet marketer)
  • Courses, tutorials & video training
  • Live “webinars” most weeks – covering a wide variety of subjects
  • 10’s of thousands of community members
  • Interactive Classrooms covering 13 subjects currently – expanding all the time
  • Free real-time help from industry experts
  • 2 free websites
  • State of the Art Hosting
  • No up-selling, no gimmicks, no hidden charges
  • $0 Membership. Yes, FREE!


  • It can seem overwhelming to begin with (there is a LOT here)


Overview of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is not a product – it is a service, that welcomes anyone who wants to learn how to be successful on-line.  In my time there, I have been advised and helped not only by hundreds of entrepreneurs who have been there and done it, I’ve also had direct help and support from Kyle & Carson, the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

The one common theme running throughout every classroom, every tutorial, every post and blog you have access to, is support and guidance.  People here want you to succeed.  Whether it’s choosing a niche (something you’re interested in), getting your campaigns off the ground, operating a website, or just pointing you in the right direction – everyone is constructive, the tutorials comprehensive, but surprisingly straight-forward.


Who is the intended audience for Wealthy Affiliate?

In a word, EVERYONE.  Whether you’re an experienced marketer or entrepreneur, to a complete newbie with no experience of business or building websites – to people already running successful businesses.

Whether you use an iPad, laptop, PC/Mac – or any other mobile device – you can use Wealthy Affiliate to get help or training or build your business on the go – or from a beach somewhere on holiday – there are no barriers to this.


Training & Tools Available within Wealthy Affiliate

There are over ONE THOUSAND (1,000) training modules within Wealthy Affiliate, broken into Classrooms – each of which reveals an entirely different on-line business model that could be used to generate a full time income on-line.


The training is offered in different formats:

  • Live Weekly Training Classes
  • Question and Answer Periods
  • Organized Classrooms (on specific topics)
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Video Training, Tutorial Training
  • Task Based Courses

Seems like a lot right?  Because it is.

And that is just some of the perks to becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate.  You also get access to ALL of the tools you need to run a successful business on-line…

The Tools & Services within Wealthy Affiliate offer you a robust “tool belt” to accomplish all of your research, writing, and website building/hosting applications for your business.   Included in the members area are:

  • Keyword & Competition Research Tool
  • WordPress Express (3 click website builder)
  • Low Competition, Cherry Picked Keyword Lists
  • State of the Art, Unlimited Cloud Hosting (Premium Members)
  • Access to 1000’s of website templates and themes
  • Rapid Writer for quickly capturing ideas for your website content

Once inside Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to worry about tools and services needed to run your business.  EVERYTHING is included, it truly is the only “all inclusive” on-line business platform available.


It Takes a Community to Create a Success Story (Literally)

Google is a great resource for finding answers – but finding specific answers to questions that everyone in the community has had before you, and have found answers to, is such a valuable resource to have at your disposal.  Wealthy Affiliate is a world-wide community, meaning you always have experts available to you around the clock – I have never seen a question asked, and not had a response very quickly.  You’ll find:

  • Private 1-on-1 support with ME
  • Private access to community experts
  • Live, 24/7/365 Chat
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Live Question & Answer periods

There is ALWAYS someone around – and I’m there for support any time you need it.

You will also get support from me 🙂

Thank you

What Will I Be Doing if I Join Wealthy Affiliate?

There are lots of things you can do to earn money on-line – 100’s of which you can learn within Wealthy Affiliate.  But to help make things simpler, in a nutshell this is how it can work:

When you join, you have two options:

1) you can either follow your passion and interests – something you like doing – for example gardening, shopping, visiting museums, coaching local sports teams.  This can be your starting point and the initial training is going to show you how you can take that and turn it into a full time business within the on-line world.  How good is that?

2) if you don’t have a passion or a niche, or you want help in choosing one, then that is no problem.  Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate boot camp that you can build a business from.  This training is a complete walk through, from starting with nothing, all the way through to the end – and you need NO experience to do it.

So it starts with a something you’re passionate about, and teaches you how to create a business on-line with it.  It’ll end up with you earning in a whole variety of ways from that website.  This can be done through the promotion of affiliate programs, adverts etc.  If you want a more in depth explanation go to my “what’s the process for making money on-line” post.


How Much Does it Cost?

Wealthy Affiliate has two price points:

Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)
Premium Membership, $47 per month / $359 per year (Join Here)

$0 seems too good to be true, but that statement would be completely wrong…and I’ll explain why .   When you join with the Starter Membership, you are going to be granted instant access to the Wealthy Affiliate community.  This includes access to live chat, over 500 training modules, 3 classrooms, networking, commenting, 2 free websites, access to the keyword tool.  On and on and on and on.

There isn’t another paid product available that can compete with Wealthy Affiliate’s FREE Starter Membership, other than…

Wealthy Affiliate Premium.  This is the “be all and end all” package if you are even remotely interested in an on-line business.   Wealthy Affiliate was created to remove everything else you would normally have to worry about, when trying to gather and accumulate all of the knowledge you need to set-up and run a business, including:

  • hosting fees
  • keyword tool fees
  • website builder fees
  • web designer hired help
  • searching Google for answers to all of your questions
  • finding the right, suitable training

All of those are covered within Wealthy Affiliate Premium, in one single low price.

I can guarantee you, if you are a Premium member of Wealth Affiliate, you will never get scammed again on-line.


My Final Opinion + Special BONUS!

Join the starter, it’s $0 – you have NOTHING to lose.  When you join, I will be in touch with you almost immediately.  I would like you to promise me one thing in return though, that you will set-up your account.  It is simple and you will be walked through it upon joining Wealth Affiliate.

Join Wealthy Affiliate, $0 Starter Membership Here!

How to Claim Your Bonus…

When you join your FREE Starter Account, I’m going to offer you a bonus if you do decide to become a PREMIUM member within the first 7 days – including a 59% discount.  When you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate, I will be personally contacting you on your profile page with some more information about WA, how to get help from me, and how to claim your bonus.  Trust me, this is going to be some pretty amazing stuff.

You will never know what you have been missing, until you come inside and see what the community at Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.


Summarized Overview

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Sales Page URL: http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com
My Overall Ranking:  10 out of 10 points


Wealthy Affiliate is the Real Deal!

If you would like to leave your personal review or experience of Wealthy Affiliate or you have any questions, please do leave them below. I would love to hear your feedback!