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Is Swipe Empire FB Edition A Good Product for you to invest in? Or is it a scam? Share you views below in the comments.

This is a product by Peter Garety and Maria Gudelis, both prolific product creators, however in my experience, they have created products with real value.

If you read the sales page which you can view by clicking here, it will tell you why affiliate marketing is difficult, and that most people struggle with it. It'll also say why affiliate commissions are low, and sometimes take months to be paid - which they do in some cases.

It then goes on to say exactly what the Swipe Empire FB Edition is. It's a PDF file with the following:


  • Swipe files of 50 HOT "in-demand' products that are proven to sell on Facebook, so you can turn a simple $5 per day ad into serious profits.
  • Swipe file of 50 Facebook pages and respective stores that are selling those 'in-demand' products for massive profits, so you can emulate what they do for your own campaign.
  • Swipe file of exact ad copy (text and image) for each of the products, so you can launch a winning ad campaign in minutes and start to drive buyers traffic within hours.

​What is a swipe file?

Simply a list or a process that you can copy to emulate the successes claimed by the product owners.

​What do you actually get?

A list of products that are being sold right now, and a list of online stores where you can buy them to sell to people who buy from you. You also get a list of Facebook ads or pages that are already selling these, so you can see how it's being done already.

​How much does it cost?

As with most of these types of products, it's on for a sale price just now, of $12 - which will go up when the countdown counter on the sales page reaches zero. This is a common marketing tactic to make the urgency of buying something more real to you - the fear of missing out if you don't buy before the counter expires is a real one!

However, in this case I feel it is worth it.

How does it work?

If you're familiar with drop-shipping, you'll be in the right ball park. If you're not... the idea is:

  • Find a product people want to buy (eg. a pet toy, a kitchen utensil)
  • Source that product from an online shop/store
  • Advertise the product to a targeted audience on Facebook (it could be anywhere, but for the sake of keeping it simple...)
  • When you get an order, go to your supplier and order the product to be sent directly to the person who bought it through your ad on Facebook
  • Pocket the profit

The whole idea here is to sell products for more than you can buy them. People will perceive value in higher cost items vs the same item at a lower price.

For example, a squeaky dog toy:

Swipe Empire FB Edition Squeaky Dog Toy

For dog lovers, you may be able to sell this for $8 plus $4 postage and handling. So $12 and a dog lover gets a great squeaky toy that will last a while, and give their pet pooch hours of fun.

Now if you look online, you could find that exact same toy for maybe $4 with free shipping. Is there an "aha" moment pinged into your head yet?

Sell the product for $12, buy it for $4 and you have an $8 profit from one sale. Even with affiliate marketing, that's a very enviable commission rate!

How do I setup Facebook Ads?

I have a post and a downloadable guide you can follow to find out all about Facebook advertising, and retargeting. You can get it by clicking here: How to Make Money with Facebook

Watch my video review of the Swipe Empire FB Edition here

Did I actually buy this product?

Many reviews you see will be from people just spamming an affiliate link to the product. I on the other hand, have actually bought it. It is a 61 page PDF document, and here is a screenshot of it on my desktop:

Swipe Empire FB Edition Screenshot

Would I recommend this product?

Yes I would. It's an age old business model, that works just as well today as it has done for many years.

What Now?

Click the link below to secure your order of the Swipe Empire FB Edition. If you've any questions once you've got the product, let me know and I'll be more than happy to help.


Highly recommended. If you follow the step by step guides you'll find in this product, you'll almost certainly make money onlne.

Mark Tait

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