Guest Post about Local SEO

I’m really pleased to announce the first guest post on Setup In Online Business, by one of my friends and colleagues, Matt Jones.

Matt, similar to me, is trying to help people like you get online and start making money.

Please head over to the Understanding Local SEO – Does Your Business Need it post, and please leave your comments or questions.

Matt’s website, Sworn To Succeed, can be found here: – thanks a lot Matt for your post.

All the best, Mark


Blog Post Ideas

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Schedule Post Ideas For Months

Have you ever wondered how to come up with hundreds blog post ideas? Ideas that could let you plan your blog posting schedule for months to come?

I’ve added over 200 new ideas to the Blog Post Title Generator – giving you even more chance of coming up with hundreds of variations around your keywords. It now has 500 different ideas based on your keyword!

Try it out today by clicking here, or sign up for the newsletter, and I’ll send you all 500 blog post ideas!

I’d love to hear any more suggestions for phrases or titles I could add to the generator.

All the best, Mark

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How to install iOS 8 without deleting apps and data

iOS 8

Many of us use PCs and laptops for our on-line business, but iPhones and iPads are also used for keeping up to date with emails, and updating websites and so on.  These devices, for some, are central to work and play – so when faced with the possibility of having to free up over 6 GB of space, by perhaps having to remove apps, games, music, photos and videos, just so you can upgrade to the latest iOS 8, you may be wondering if it’s worth actually carrying out the upgrade.

However, there is a way around upgrading to iOS 8 without having to delete apps and data, that only requires less than 1 GB of space to be available. Continue reading


Fraud Alert Unauthorised iTunes Payment Scam



Hi – another scam alert you need to keep an eye out for. I received an email today with the subject: Fraud Alert: Unauthorised iTunes Payment – I received another titled: Unauthorised Appstore Purchase and another Unauthorised iTunes Purchase – to a completely separate email account today too.

As with all scam emails, there are tell tale signs that it should not be trusted. If Apple’s reports are correct, then it appears some A-List celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande and others, may have fallen for exactly this type of scam. Continue reading