How To Read An Advert

Have you ever seen an advert that makes you feel like you have to have whatever it’s advertising?  An image or video that grabs your attention to much that you don’t think you can go on living without the no-nails picture hangers!!  There are people who have the passion and personality to sell snow to the Eskimos.  How do you see through them and hear what they are really saying?  It’s actually quite straight-forward.

1. Watch the advert. How does it make you feel?  Is your hear pounding?  Has it grabbed your attention? Are you literally sitting on the edge of your seat?  That’s what it’s intended to do – it’s got you distracted now!2. 2

2. Don’t just see and hear – Listen and Read. Look out and listen for the words and pictures being used.  Let yourself pick up on the subliminal pictures and messages that are being used. These are intentionally meant to get into your head without you noticing – so look out for them.

3. Look and Listen for words that embellish the item being advertised. Does it come with a lifetime guarantee, is it fantastic, one of a kind, finished to the highest possible standard, never needs maintenance? Wouldn’t you expect the item to be all of those things?  Try describing it without all of these adjectives.  Does it still make your hear pound, and put you on the edge of your seat?

4. Look and Listen for words that actually describe the item – safe, strong, durable and so on – words that you expect to be associated with the item. If they normally would be used to describe the item in everyday conversation, then they’re not adding any value to the pitch – other than to try and impress you.  Again, remove them – and describe the item.  Still on the edge of your seat?

5. How much does it cost. Is it a fair price for the item? Is it appropriate to the advert and words used? Is the salesman trying to get you to believe you can’t live without the item, at an unbelievable price of only $199.95?  Is it being offered at a knock-down price, but you get lots of bonus items thrown in for free?  Can it really be sold for that price, with all of the extra “free” items?  Maybe it’s not actually worth $199.95 – they couldn’t give you “free” items for nothing, unless the price is already over-inflated.

6. Hypnotic speakers. Have you ever watched a hypnotist?  eg. Paul McKenna, or Derren Brown.  Their voice and the way they speak is controlled and hypnotic.  It can work on people without them knowing it.  Voice overs for adverts use exactly the same techniques.

7. Interrogation techniques.  Another method used is to speak loudly, and quickly – bombarding you with information.  This is used in interrogations – and can confuse you, and make it hard to be rational – as you don’t have time to think and process the information properly.