How to make money with Facebook

You've heard the stats - over 2 billion active people on the internet - most of them using Facebook - so how can you leverage those staggering numbers to make money with Facebook?

You might think that you can just write a post on Facebook, and it will instantly become viral, being shared 100's of thousands of times, and get you thousands of likes and friends... there are a couple of things to take from that:

  1. it doesn't always happen like that.
  2. even if it did, what is the benefit to you?


What use are friends, shares and likes?

If you're purely interested in Facebook as a social platform to grow your friends and likes, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Go for it - it's what almost everyone using Facebook uses it for.

However... if you want to make money from Facebook, then that approach is not likely to help you.​ How can you make money from someone friend requesting you, or liking your latest picture?

The real power of Facebook is in its advertising platform.... more on that shortly!

How much information to you share on Facebook?

  • Your status - in a relationship, single​
  • Your job
  • Which bands you like
  • Which other Facebook groups you follow
  • What you click like on, what you share, what you open
  • Where you live
  • the list goes on and on and one...

This is information that Facebook makes available, which you can really use to make money from Facebook.

If you can connect certain types of people with something they are looking for, then you can make money.

Let's be upfront... this is not a scam, you are not ripping people off - you are simply connecting someone with a question or a problem, with an answer or a solution. Every advert you see online or in magazines, every commercial you see on TV, is aimed at pointing a group of people to a certain product or service.

Here are a few examples:

  • Anti-ageing cream adverts show people using a specific product which helps to reduce wrinkles - all in the hope that the people who's eye is caught by the advert is worried about aging. They will take notice, and will likely go and check out the product that's being advertised.
  • The latest top of the range car advert, showing all of the gadgets the car has, and a guy arriving at showbiz parties with lots of attention. That's going to appeal to a certain type of person... who may like the picture that's being painted around how he will be perceived if he has "that" car.
  • The newest, lightest cordless vacuum cleaner invariably shows it lifting the worst dirt off any surface, all cordless of course, with the user easily cleaning stairs, under furniture, out in the car.

All of these, and any other advert you see is trying to appeal to a certain type of person in a bid to solve a problem for them - be it aging slower, looking better in a shiny new car, or making housework easier.​

The problem with these adverts is they are shown to everyone... maybe 90% of people seeing the anti-aging advert are younger, and not even considering how they may look in a few years. Maybe 90% of people don't care about the image a car gives - and travel by bus or train - and have no intention of buying a car. Maybe 90% of people don't think of a new vacuum cleaner something they are remotely interested in as they are too busy working or enjoying life to be tied down to "domestic chores".

This is where Facebook Ads can make you money​

What if you could target a very laser-focused group of people, and point them to a particular product?

For example, create a picture of the person interested in the anti-aging cream. It is likely they are women, maybe aged 50 or over?

What about the car buyer - a young 25-40 year old guy, most likely single, earning a good wage.

The person looking for the vacuum cleaner - maybe a 30-50 something woman, married with a family.

These are highly generalized types of people - and you will form in your own mind the type of person for each, but it's important that you do - so that you know which of the many parameters Facebook ads opens up to you, to set so that you can target a very specific type of person.

Once you know which type of person you are targeting, next step is to retarget your ad to them.​

What is retargeting and how does it work?

Retargeting, or remarketing as it's also known, is a way of getting your ads in front of people who have already shown an interest in what you are advertising.

It's a well-known phrase that "you have to get your message in front of your customer 7 times before they will buy". That may or may not be 100% accurate, but the more you remind your potential customers of who you are and what you are selling, the more likely they are to remember you, and buy from you.

So if a customer views your advert, clicks on it and comes to your website, but does not click through to sign-up, or buy - then you can use the power of Facebook to place your ad in front of them again.

​Retargeting is very effective because you're already familiar to people who have demonstrated an interest in you.

To make use of this, you have to place a small piece of code on your website which will then let Facebook know that a particular person has visited that page.

The training in the eBook you can download shows you how to do this.

​Wrapping it all up...

Getting the most out of Facebook ads is simple if you know how. Enter your email below to get instant access to the eBook training, which will teach you how to make money from Facebook ads.

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Mark Tait

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