How to install iOS 8 without deleting apps and data

iOS 8

Many of us use PCs and laptops for our on-line business, but iPhones and iPads are also used for keeping up to date with emails, and updating websites and so on.  These devices, for some, are central to work and play – so when faced with the possibility of having to free up over 6 GB of space, by perhaps having to remove apps, games, music, photos and videos, just so you can upgrade to the latest iOS 8, you may be wondering if it’s worth actually carrying out the upgrade.

However, there is a way around upgrading to iOS 8 without having to delete apps and data, that only requires less than 1 GB of space to be available.

How To Upgrade To iOS 8 Using iTunes

  1. Open iTunes on your PC/Mac

    When opening iTunes, it will check for you if you have the latest version. If it says you haven’t, click on the button to upgrade it.

  2. Back up your iPhone/iPad

    Connect your iPhone/iPad to your PC/Mac using the USB cable and click on it from withn iTunes. Click the Back Up Now button and let that process complete before proceeding.

  3. Check for updates

    When the back up is complete, click the Check for Update button.  If you haven’t installed previous updates, you may have to upgrade to those first, before you can upgrade to iOS8.  Click the Download and Update button.  By downloading and installing this way, you will only need around 800MB of free space on your device, instead of the 6.9GB if you upgrade from the device itself.

  4. Let the update run

    Follow the instructions that are given to you to finish the installation.  Leave your iPhone/iPad plugged in while the upgrade is carried out – it could be up to an hour, or in some cases a little longer – so please be patient!!

Once it’s completed, you should be able to enjoy your newly upgraded device, and won’t have to reinstall all of the apps, games, music and so on – that you maybe thought you would have had to before reading this!

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All the best, Mark


Mark Tait

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Michelle - October 31, 2014

Hi Mark. This is perfect information that I wasn’t aware of. You usually don’t want to delete those important photos, songs, and apps to make room to be able to upgrade to iOS 8. So, I’ve been putting it off on that back burner. Thanks so much for the help, it truly is appreciated! I’ve bookmarked your site for future reference.

    Mark Tait - December 7, 2014

    Hi Michelle.

    I’m glad it helped you. There’s so much on our phones these days, that losing it due to upgrading, would mean losing a lot of valuable photos etc.

    Kind regards,



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