How Do You Earn Money From a Website

It’s one of the questions that many people who are not already doing it, would like to know the answer to. It’s also something many people who are trying to do it, would like to know the answer to as well! So just how do you earn money from a website?

Find Out What People Want

So for example (plucked out of the air) – say you were interested in fire pits, and you wanted to know:
  • how to build one
  • how to maintain it
  • what you could do with it
  • how to make it safe etc etc

…and you searched, and had great trouble in finding answers to the questions you were asking.

You may have joined forums, or G+ groups etc – all interested, and all asking the same questions, but with no-one really providing the answers on a clear enough way, for people to be satisfied.

What Do You Do In That Case?

Well you could give up, and just buy a barbecue instead – or you could realize that there are many people who could benefit from you putting in some effort, to find the answers to the questions about fire-pits.

So why not find out everything you can about them. Go to the suppliers, ask them questions, you “try” if that’s possible – and then compile all of that information into a website.

How Do I Make A Website?

That’s the easy part. And I’ll cover off how to make a website here.

The most important part of a website is the content. So if you’re not sure how to make a website yet, then have a look at this link where you can create one for free, and come back when you’re ready to start adding some content.

What Content Should I Add To My Website?

Write down the questions you have and those that you saw in the forums and groups you were looking through – write it on paper, or in Word or Google Docs (which is what I use), or any other program you’re familiar with. You can even write it straight into your website that you created using the link above.

Try to use a new page for each question as each one you answer will eventually turn into a web page which will help your visitors find out the what they’ve been looking for.

Under each question, start to write your answers, and be as natural as you can. You don’t want anyone reading to think you’re forcing yourself to write, or that you’re not really interested in the subject.

Images and Videos

Make notes of where you might want to add images or even videos – these can both be a great way to demonstrate to anyone reading your page, what you are talking about. Some people are more visual than others.

How Do You Get Visitors To Your Website?

When you’ve added your content to your website go back to the groups and forums you joined to gather your questions, and post answers to the questions and include a link to each relevant article on your website.

Because you’re likely to be known to the people in those groups and forums (as you’re one of them, and have contributed to the discussions and questions and answers already), they may trust your opinion – and follow the link to your website where they can read the answers you’ve already put together for their questions.

They start to socially share your answers (ie. share your website) to others, and your visitors start to grow. As your “authority” grows, you can start to make recommendations for products. Where to buy them, associated accessories etc.

So How Do You Make Money From A Website?

Almost every retailer has an affiliate program. Sign up to those – and start pointing people to the best places to buy what they’re looking for. If you’re an affiliate, you’ll get a commission should those people buy anything.

Amazon pays commission of 4% and upwards.  So if someone goes to Amazon through your website, and buys $200 worth of products, you would get $8 commission. It doesn’t sound a lot, but what if you referred 100 people in a month? It soon adds up.

As an example, say you review quadcopters with cameras or drones as they’re sometimes called. If you follow the steps above, and answer some questions people have about them, and have a review which links to where you can buy one from Amazon, then should your visitor buy anything from Amazon within 24 hours, then you would receive the commission.

That is just one way to earn money from a website.

Second Way To Make Money From A Website

Another way would be to generate some interest in something – eg:

You could start a site of fascinating facts, and post the headlines to your FB/Twitter followers:

top 10 UFO pictures that are out of this world! #7 will blow your mind!!!

Who wouldn’t click on a post like that? You’re creating intrigue – people want to see that top 10 – especially what #7 is that “will blow your mind”!

When they get to your site, you could have the list you promised of course – but you could also have ads within your website. Google Adsense is probably one of the better known ad networks. Similar to the affiliate programs, if people click on the ads, then you will receive a small payment in return.

Amazon also allow you to add ad blocks to items they sell. I have a site where I had general advice for kids/young adults – and it has one single Amazon ad on it, for exercise equipment. Some of the items that I’ve received commission for which are completely unrelated to exercise equipment are:

  • a country singers record
  • hair clips
  • a looking after guinea pigs book
  • a cooks blow torch
  • some MP3’s

NONE of those are related to the ad on the site – but as people went to Amazon through my website, I still earned commission from what they bought.


These are just two ways to make money from a site – both are different – but both rely on the same thing… getting people to your site, to click on whatever ads or affiliate links you have.

If you can do that, you just have to scale it – or target another group of people (or “niche”) and repeat the process. Keep repeating until you’ve made a number of sites, all generating some income for you.

Some will work – some will fail. For the ones which do work – ie. generate some income for you, you could spend more time on them and build them up to be real authority sites. They could become the goto websites for anyone looking for information on whatever your niche is.

Work on the ones that work, and drop the ones that fail.

What Now?

If you’d like to learn more about how to setup an online business, I’d recommend this online training resource above all others I’ve tried.

It’s great for newbie’s and experienced people alike, and takes you through step by step, how to setup a website and start earning money from it.

I hope that helps?

All the best,