What’s the process for making money on-line?

Everyone dreams of being able to create money. Many fall for get rich quick schemes – which never work – so what’s the process for making money on-line? The best way is to set-up a website or blog, and write about what you like to do.  This could be gardening, travelling, gaming – whatever.  As long as you are passionate about it, and can think of a number of topics within your passion, that you can write about.

When you create content that engages your visitors to your website or blog, they are more inclined to stay on your site, and read other articles you may have.  Over time, these people will come back to see what else you have been writing about – and eventually you become trusted as someone who is really passionate about your subject.

If there are products, or services that you can point people to, in connection with your passion, then these can lead to those people buying those products and services.  So for example if you do write about gardening, you could review gardening books on your website.  You can offer recommendations and link to where you can buy these books (for example, Amazon).  If you register with Amazon you can become an affiliate of theirs. Every person who visits Amazon through clicking on a review on your website could potentially buy the book(s) you recommended.  Amazon will pay you for helping to get that customer (your visitor) to buy the book from them.

Amazons affiliate program is called Amazon Associates – and there are many others for almost any online retailer.  Just type in the name of the retailer and add the word “affiliate” – for example “Argos affiliate” will take you to http://www.argos-affiliates.co.uk/

To find out more about how to do this, I’d highly recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate.  You can read my review of Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here.