How to start your own online business – getting started

How many on-line scams have you fallen for?  Do you want to know the real way to setup in online business? If your answers are “TOO MANY” and “YES”, then I am going to try and help you as much as I can and show you how to start your own online business in the next few minutes. I have signed up for lots of scams – I’ve watched all the videos and read almost every email from gurus claiming to have the secret 100% guaranteed blueprint for success. If you’ve been stung by them too – then you’ll have felt the same way I did. Probably ashamed, a bit of a mug for being taken in. Don’t be – there are billions of pounds, dollars whatever in the scamming industry – the people who do it are extremely convincing.

I want to help you get on-line

Almost all of the “systems” I’ve seen out there hook you in, get you to watch a video (which you can’t skip through) which really say all the right things (these are sales guys remember) – and you have to give your email address before they will share the “secret of earning millions online”.

All they are doing is getting your email address so they can start bombarding you with sales pitches to get you to sign up for seminars, and webinars, where they will share with you the “secret of earning millions online”.  However to gain exclusive membership to their club you need to buy “access” (starting to sound familiar?  Can you see a pattern starting here?)

They make out that everything is reduced 90% or more just for you – it sounds like an offer which is too good to be true.  In fact they will “give away their blueprint to success” for NOTHING but you do need to register (ie. PAY) to get membership into their club.

Then come the monthly fees to stay a member… then come the various levels of membership where you get little snippets of what lies ahead – but only if you register (ie. PAY EVEN MORE) to gain the next level of membership – and so on and so on…

These days do you buy anything without trying it first?  Would you buy a pair of shoes?  A home entertainment system?  A car?  “No!” – Me neither.  This is a buyer’s world.  You try before you buy or you go elsewhere – or at least I do.

So on my site SetupInOnlineBusiness.com, I am only going to recommend services and products that are 100% free, or have a free trial before you pay any money to them.

Now I want to get into the online success thing and what YOU need to achieve success within the online world.  But first I want to ask you a question…


What is Stopping You?

Are you afraid of trying?

Do you not know where to start?

Do you think you’ll be “scammed”?

I’d love for you to share your comments and answers below so that I can get a better understanding of the general things that are stopping people achieve success online.

There Are Only THREE Things Needed For Online Success…

What success means to you personally will be different to almost everyone else.  Everyone has their goals about money, freedom, happiness and so on – but everyone that succeeds have these in common:

(1) No-one Does It Alone

I am very independent – I hate not being able to figure out a problem or know how to do some new task that you’ve found yourself challenged with.  The only thing worse than being frustrated about it, is not knowing who to turn to for help.

So where is the best place to turn to for help?

(2) They Have a Website

If you want to create a business online, how are you going to do that without a website?  YOU WON’T – YOU’LL QUICKLY GO OUT OF BUSINESS!

“But I don’t know how to build a website?  Doesn’t it cost lots of money?”  No.

You can build a website very quickly, within a few minutes without paying a penny.  In fact you can have your own website within a few minutes of reading this page!!

You don’t pay for anything up front remember – that’s not how people buy products or services these days.  Websites are exactly the same.  I will show you where to do this for FREE!

(3) You Don’t Ever Assume You Can’t Learn Anything Knew, AND You Practice What You Learn

When I said above I get frustrated about figuring out a new task?  If I didn’t learn how to do it I wouldn’t be able to do that task.  No-one starts riding a bike with only two wheels.  You get help from your parents, you get stabilisers to begin with.  This gives you confidence to grow:

  • through trying with support
  • through motivating yourself
  • the more you practice the easier it becomes, and eventually “riding a bike” comes naturally.

Think of it in this way.  Did David Beckham think about every single time he kicked the ball and scored a goal?  No he didn’t.  He practiced to the point of being able to shoot and score naturally.

When you train and ask questions and learn and put that into practice, that’s when you’re going to score naturally.

Watch this quick video on what you can get now, for free

Setup In Online Business Video Walk-through

Click here to watch the video

It doesn’t cost anything to get started on-line…

In order to succeed you need access to help, a website, and training.

Below is what you can get for free, when you sign-up for $0.

  • Personal Help & Support
    • Ability to get personal help from me (Username: Mark Tait)
    • Help within a community of 10,000′s of users
    • Live Chat support
    • On-going topical discussions
  • 2 Free Websites
    • Fully functional WordPress Sites
    • Ready to make money online
  • Training Galore
    • Video Classes
    • Tutorials
    • Courses
    • Entire Classrooms

Get all of that for nothing… not even a single digit from your credit card – in fact no credit card at all is required.  I’ve gone through this, and you’ll not find training this solid anywhere, or support from people who have been exactly where you are, anywhere.   There is a Premium option that you should consider but that will only give you access to WAY MORE – what I’ve described above is all FREE!

As shown in the screen capture below, choose the “Starter, $0 per month” option and you will instantly get access to the community after you offer your sign-up details.

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If you have any questions or comments about getting Setup in Online Business, please leave them below.  I would love to help!