Getting Accurate Results from the Google Keyword Planner

If you've been wondering how to get accurate results from the Google Keyword Planner recently, but have struggled, please read on.

Google updated its keyword planning tool so that you had to have an active AdWords account before you could view accurate search results from the keywords.

For a number of keyword research tools (paid and free) this has really upset the apple cart so to speak. Now their main function, and revenue stream, has been restricted overnight.


While I'm certain they will recover, and soon come to an arrangement with Google on how to continue to provide these services, for us individuals carrying out day to day research for ourselves, it would be good to be able to continue to get good keyword search results.

I've tried to address this in the video below - so please have a look, and let me know if it helps you by leaving a comment below.​

If you have any other ways of getting accurate search results for keywords, please let me and others know about it in the comments.

All the best, Mark​

Mark Tait

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Norm - September 22, 2016

This posting leaves me feeling deeply disturbed. Primarily because I’ve ranked keywords using http://www.jaaxy.com without paying a cent for adwords. I also am the type to not even click adwords simply because I personally dislike somebody getting paid just because I clicked a link!

Not to say that I would dislike somebody getting paid if I bought a product, because that would be like a supermarket getting paid just because a person walked through the front door of the store yet didn’t buy anything.

    admin - September 22, 2016

    Hi Norm.

    Sorry if my post left you disturbed – I didn’t initiate the change to the way it works, honest 🙂

    Seriously though – people are making money off the back of linking into googles tools – so maybe this is them gearing up to start charging for that type of third party access now too. Or it may not be – I really don’t know. Used to be easier when Matt Cutts released videos every other day about what Google were up to. I’m sure it’s out there in a release somewhere, but tbh, the tool works well enough for me the way I show in the video, so I’m happy.

    All the best, Mark


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