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Fraud Alert Unauthorised iTunes Payment Scam



Hi – another scam alert you need to keep an eye out for. I received an email today with the subject: Fraud Alert: Unauthorised iTunes Payment – I received another titled: Unauthorised Appstore Purchase and another Unauthorised iTunes Purchase – to a completely separate email account today too.

As with all scam emails, there are tell tale signs that it should not be trusted. If Apple’s reports are correct, then it appears some A-List celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande and others, may have fallen for exactly this type of scam. Continue reading


Current PayPal Scam Emails – what to look for

Yet again I’m getting spammed with scam emails trying to get my information from me, so they can steal my identity. The one I got a lot of today was apparently from PayPal. My intention is to educate people on how to spot these phishing emails so that it’s not just current PayPal Scam Emails you spot, it’s ones from other well known places too that you may have an account – for example Continue reading


HMRC Scam – know what to look for

At this time of year, you will be getting chased if you should have submitted a tax return, but haven’t.  The deadline each year is 31st January.  So guess what, this is the ideal time for people to try and trick you.  After all, if you haven’t submitted your tax return, you will be expecting the Inland Revenue to be getting in touch soon – wouldn’t you? There is an HMRC Scam doing the rounds just now. Continue reading