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Review of Swipe Empire FB Edition

Is Swipe Empire FB Edition A Good Product for you to invest in? Or is it a scam? Share you views below in the comments.

This is a product by Peter Garety and Maria Gudelis, both prolific product creators, however in my experience, they have created products with real value.

If you read the sales page which you can view by clicking here, it will tell you why affiliate marketing is difficult, and that most people struggle with it. It'll also say why affiliate commissions are low, and sometimes take months to be paid - which they do in some cases.

It then goes on to say exactly what the Swipe Empire FB Edition is. It's a PDF file with the following:

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How to make money with Facebook

You've heard the stats - over 2 billion active people on the internet - most of them using Facebook - so how can you leverage those staggering numbers to make money with Facebook?

You might think that you can just write a post on Facebook, and it will instantly become viral, being shared 100's of thousands of times, and get you thousands of likes and friends... there are a couple of things to take from that:

  1. it doesn't always happen like that.
  2. even if it did, what is the benefit to you?
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