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“What you haven’t done, will torment you” – Charles Dickens

Newborn Baby in Mother Hand

It may be sad – but I read sometimes about what people regret when they are coming to the end of their lives.  To spend time and enjoy time with their friends and family, seems to be the main theme that comes ahead of money/success etc every time I read a story.

It makes a lot of sense – it would be good to create some financial stability for your family (and I am working on that), but if it is at the expense of them and you enjoying each others company – and “life”, then is money really that important? Does it become a material aim? Continue reading


Light Entertainment – What Inspires You?


I don’t know about you, but I spend hours and hours at my computer – and I have great difficulty concentrating for some reason, unless I can hear music. Because of that, I create YouTube playlists and I add songs and videos that inspire me. I find that the light entertainment of music helps me concentrate – so what inspires you?

I sometimes just make the YouTube video window small, and put it into the top right of my screen, just so I can see the performances (I know them, but I still like seeing artists perform), and have my main windows take up the rest of the screen. Right now it’s Creed’s With Arms Wide Open, and the Lightning Seeds Life of Riley, and finally Cat Stevens Father and Son – all about having babies and being a dad. The messages behind these songs are similar to why I am working at this time of the night:
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