Best Place to Buy Domain Names

To really stamp your presence on-line, you should think about getting your own domain.  It shows your visitors you are serious about your blog or website.  There are a few different places you can buy them, but finding the best one is a bit of a minefield. If you just want to jump straight to me recommendation, in my experience the best place to buy domain names is Namecheap.  I’ll tell you about a couple of others below.

Domain Registrars I Have Used

One of the most popular (if by advertising) is Go-daddy.  Registering a domain, and changing the DNS (something you have to do to point the domain name to your website) is not as straight forward as it should be though. I have actually used a few – mainly UK based ones, as that’s where I am based.  However the prices here, seem to be a lot higher than the USA based domain registrars.  After joining Wealthy Affiliate, I heard about another registrar called Namecheap.  I tried them out and was very impressed.  They are very simple to use, and the domain names were cheaper than I’d found elsewhere (particularly if you use a coupon code eg. “buythedomain”) and they also let you point your domains to your host when you buy them.

What I Like About Namecheap


You may end up buying a lot of domains as you go through your on-line life – and as they say, “it all adds up!”  Namecheap has the best prices I have ever seen for domain names.

Whois Guard

Sometimes it is possible for people to search your domain name and find out some information about you (address, etc).  Whoisguard protects this information.  Namecheap offers free whoisguard for the first year for any domains you buy with them.

Point Your Domains To Your Website

When you buy a domain name, you have to point the DNS (domain name servers) to your website hosting.  Many registrars don’t let you do this until after the purchase and setup is complete.  Changing the DNS can take a long time to take effect (my longest was just short of 3 days).  However Namecheap let you setup your DNS while buying your domains – so they immediately point to your website.  This is a great time-saving bonus, and not one to underestimate.  Namecheap provides great priced domains and a fantastic service all round – and I recommend them to anyone looking for a new domain.  Please ask any questions or leave comments below.

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