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So how do you get traffic to your website without knowing about SEO, social sites, or simply aren’t able to spend money on paid adverts “boosting” your posts?  If you’re like me, you know there is an audience out there but getting to them just seems like an endless up-hill struggle.  Well maybe there’s a new bit of software that can help you – and 100% white-hat for those that are worried about another program promising help. This is my TrafficAid review – I hope you get something from it, and reap the rewards.


I believe there is a simple way to get more people to your site who are looking for exactly what you have to offer.  You need to find where your audience are just now, and join those forums, blogs, whatever, and add some value to those – so that your audience will start to notice you, and start coming to your site to find out what it is that you can offer that will solve their problems.

All you have to do is get your answers in front of them, and in time they will pick up on you being someone they can trust, and in return they’ll read your posts and pages and start to build a trust with you.

“But how do you find these people” I can hear you asking!!

That’s where TrafficAid comes in.  What it does is help you find which sites and blogs people looking for answers in your niche, are posting questions and hoping for answers.


TrafficAid helps you to:

  • Find where your potential future customers are posting questions looking for answers
  • Locate opportunities for guest posting on other niche and authority sites, giving you the benefit of immediate back-links from sites helping your visitors too
  • And much more than just that… but what else do you really need?

TrafficAid gives you lots of options for finding out where your potential visitors are, which gives you the ideal places to target your comments, answers and guest post opportunities.

Click here to see how you can start finding your real audience, and get them to your site.

I don’t normally recommend products, but this is quite a unique find in so much as it’s totally “whitehat” – which means it’s not trying to sneak in the backdoor of the search engines – so you won’t be penalized when the next SEO update comes out from Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

I hope this post has been useful for you, and please let me know below in the comments if you use TrafficAid and when it starts to get you positive results.

All the best, Mark

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