The Benefits Of Installing Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets are typically the prominent built-in-furniture present in most modern kitchens for storage of cooking equipment, food, and sometimes silverware and plates for table service. Many appliances like microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators, and other ovens are commonly incorporated into modern kitchen cabinetry. They are normally built with open shelves or are designed to accommodate appliances with drawers. Kitchens that are more modern have been fitted with under-counter sinks to make them appear more user-friendly and sophisticated.

Since cabinets were not originally intended for countertop storage, their installation depends on their use. When a kitchen is to be used for food preparation, it needs to have open shelves installed above the sink. Other accessories including the garbage disposer and refrigerator are then installed within the cabinets themselves. Since cabinet manufacturers did not build kitchen cabinets with under-counter sinks, the option exists to purchase a built-in, flat-panel sink and install it within the cabinet. The benefit of this approach is that all the plumbing for the plumbing of the sink is concealed from view, therefore eliminating costly remodeling efforts.

In addition to cabinet doors, there are also other important cabinet features that must be considered when planning for kitchen cabinets. For example, the height of the cabinet should be proportionate to the height of the countertop. If cabinet doors are too tall, they may obstruct movement in the kitchen and reduce the appeal of the cabinetry.

The material of the cabinet doors should also be appropriate to the nature of the countertop. For example, it would be inappropriate for kitchen cabinets to be made out of stainless steel since this type of material is only good for high-end kitchen equipment. It would also be inappropriate to use heavy materials for cabinets made from plywood or medium-density fiberboard (MDF). In addition, it would be inappropriate to use glue for attaching the cabinet doors to the countertop. Instead, it would be more efficient to use silicone glue for this purpose.

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It is also very important to determine the proper number and type of hinges and knobs that will be installed on the kitchen cabinets. Although hidden hinges are a good choice for kitchen cabinets where the aesthetic value of the cabinetry is not primarily focused upon, concealed hinges should be avoided when the cabinet door styles are more utilitarian in nature. For example, it would be inappropriate to use concealed hinges on a cabinet that contains a drawer or shelf.

It is also necessary to decide whether to install new kitchen cabinets or to undergo a kitchen renovation. Doing a complete kitchen renovation involves a significant financial outlay which may not always be practical for a number of homeowners. In this case, one could opt to simply replace existing kitchen cabinets with custom cabinetry made from the same wood as the rest of the house in an attempt to save money. A more appropriate alternative would be to do a partial kitchen renovation in which only certain areas of the house receive modifications.