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When you’re building your website you will undoubtedly start to pick up on what SEO (search engine optimization) is all about. There are tools and people out there that will tell you how your page will rank in Google and other search engines and if you’re tempted you could spend a lot of money and time trying to get the perfect SEO score.

Well if you are considering it please watch and listen to this brief video from Matt Cutts.  In it he talks about different conspiracies that are going around of how to get ranked and then blows them away by painting a very clear picture – the mental model he talks about is simple:

“We want to return really good search results to users so they are happy and they keep coming back” – Matt Cutts 16th April 2014


It really doesn’t get any clearer. Create content that people want to read that answers a question, or solves a problem for them – if you can do that, they’ll come back at some point in the future. Google will recognise this and begin to rank you.

It may not happen overnight but concentrate on good quality content and not the stats. There is no way to fool the search engines. It’s their business to get people to use them – so they will look at your site and will know if it has a good quality answer to a search someone is making. If it does there’s a good chance your site will be one of the ones returned in the search results.

If you would like to learn more about the real way to create a website, and more importantly create good content for it, I’d recommend reading my review of Wealthy Affiliate. On top of the hundreds of hours of training and videos, you also get 2 free websites to setup whatever kind of site or blog you like.

If you’ve any questions or comments, I’d love to hear them below.

All the best,


Mark Tait

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Ade - April 26, 2014

Hi Mark,

It is true that many people are more particular about ranking without really giving a thought to how to produce good quality content that will actually add value to customer experience.

Thanks for the clarification.


    Mark Tait - April 26, 2014

    Hi Ade.

    Thanks for the comments. Yes it’s so important to create something “people” will read – and not to hit some magic SEO score by stuffing nonsense into your posts and pages.

    All the best, Mark

Mark - April 26, 2014

Thanks for your excellent post. It is really pleasing to hear that Google highly value quality content. I have been most impressed by your website and have bookmarked it for future reference 🙂

Russell - April 27, 2014

Hi Mark, Great post mate. And some really great advice. As the real experts well always tell you “Content is King”. Your site is excellent and I have bookmark it for future reading.

    Mark Tait - April 27, 2014

    Hi Russell – thank you very much! I agree content has got to be the most important thing we can do that will have an influence on how successful our websites can be.

    Cheers mate,


Colm - April 27, 2014

Thanks for sharing this Mark. You’re right, it really doesn’t get any clearer than what is said in the video. Focus on good quality content and you’ll be right. Always good to get reminded of this.



    Mark Tait - April 27, 2014

    Hi Colm.

    Yeah I agree – I know some people still think there is more to ranking than content, and maybe there is, but until it’s shared with us I’ll just go with what the WA training advises… content!

    All the best Colm,

    Cheers. Mark

Jude Banks - April 28, 2014

Thanks for sharing this useful information, Mark. We humans tend to complicate things, so it is nice to be reminded that Google is not playing games and just wants what we all want: the best search results for users.

I enjoyed reading the information n your blog. You have some useful content. I look forward to visiting again soon.

~ Jude


    Mark Tait - April 28, 2014

    Hi Jude.

    Thank you – and yes I agree – what we get taught at Wealthy Affiliate is to look after your viewers/customers – Google is doing exactly that by returning good, relevant search results.

    All the best Jude,



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