iPhone 6 Scam – watch out for phishing emails

iPhone Phising Email

iPhone 6

A few minutes ago, I received what I thought was an interesting email – with the title:

The wait is over. Introducing the new iPhone 6

If you receive it, be very wary. It looks genuine – has very professional looking photos of the iPhone and iWatches. However most of the links take you to a phishing website.

You can tell by hovering over some of the links on the page, for example the “new toys. Check it out” link below. It should have “apple.com” in the link somewhere – this does not:

iPhone 6 Scam Email

iPhone 6 Scam Email – click to enlarge

Some of the links (eg. Privacy page) WILL take you to the official site – but this is just meant to mislead you into thinking that the other links are genuine. They are not.

Also, the email is not “addressed” to me – the “To” field in the email is blank. That is another sign to watch out for.

If you would like more information about phishing scams and what they are and how to spot them, please click here.

All the best, Mark

Mark Tait

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