Facebook Like Extractor

Are you using Facebook Ads to advertise your products or services? If so, you'll know how challenging it is to find specific interests of "buyers" in the niche you're in.

You can spend hours looking through Audience Insights​ for interests that may (or may not) be what your buyers follow.

It really can be hit or miss - and getting it wrong could lead you to blow your ad budget before making any sales.

​What if you could quickly find the real interests of actual buyers? You could be making sales from your first ad in no time at all!

The Facebook Like Extractor is a tool that can be installed on any browser, that will let you:

  • Look through ALL page likes of people you know are buyers
  • Scan these likes for specific keywords related to your niche
  • Extract and download them to your computer
  • Easily copy and paste directly into Audience Insights

Watch this quick video to see how the Facebook Like Extractor works, and how it could change the way you do audience research forever!

How much does it cost?

The Facebook Like Extractor costs $97. It is a one off fee, there are no recurring charges or licences to pay for.

How can I get it?

Just click on the Buy Now button below, and when your payment has gone through, you'll be taken to the download page.​