Facebook Insights

There is a lot of talk around Facebook Ads just now, and rightly so. They are a cheap, and very simple way to laser target your potential customers.

Take a step back though. What would you do if you were researching a niche and how to target Facebook users?

For me, it was simple - I wanted to find the top FB pages based around my niche, and look at what their top posts were, and what they got most engagement from.

With over 2 billion active users though, most niche's have hundreds, if not thousands of Facebook pages dedicated to each niche - some with hundreds of thousands of likes and followers, some with less than a dozen.

​How do you find successful Facebook Pages?

Answer... not easily.

You could type your niche into the search bar in Facebook, but you don't get ordered results - just random pages. That's where I thought there must be a better way, and as a programmer/developer, I have been able to do this.

For any given keyword or phrase, I have been able to find the top pages ordered by number of likes, and been able to look into those top pages, and find the top posts, again ordered by number of likes (or engagement).

This has made it super simple to do my research on what makes a great Facebook page, what makes a great post, and finding out exactly what type of post people react to.

This is a gold mine for knowing what adverts to create for my Facebook Ads targeting, what type of images work, and what words (or copy) to use on my Facebook Ads.

Facebook Insights - Meditation Sample

Facebook Insights - Meditation Sample

In other words, spy on what pages are successful, find what posts get engagement, and copy them!

Obviously you would use your own images, and your own words - but copy the style, and you could be on to a winner.

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