Current facebook scams – what to check for

I received a new scam email tonight – to my personal email address that I use for FaceBook.  However, something didn’t quite seem right – and knowing there are a number of current facebook scams out there, I thought I’d share it with you so you know what to look for. 

Here is the email:

FaceBook Scam Email

FaceBook Scam Email

Here’s a genuine email:

FaceBook Genuine Email

FaceBook Genuine Email

There are a few things wrong with the first one:

1) It says “if you don’t want to receive these messages” – correct me if I’m wrong, but facebooks genuine messages in my experience say “if you don’t want to receive these emails

2) The “unsubscribe” link is a hyper-link (ie. click-able in the second genuine email, but is just plain text in the first).  This is something to look out for in any email – an un-click-able “unsubscribe link” means you have no way of really un-subscribing.

3) The “From” in your email program should show “” and NOT as in the first screenshot, “” or something completely unconnected to facebook.  If it doesn’t end in “” it is spam, and most likely a scam!

4) No “real” company with an urgent message is going to send you an email saying “view message” with no other supporting text. They will at least qualify why they are sending you an “urgent message”

5) The Subject of the email says “Mark, Urgent message from Facebook Team!” – grammatically, it’s not correct – that should be a give-away for any communication (letter or email, or text etc) – companies promoting their business have very highly paid people checking EVERY communication before it’s published, to ensure it cannot be mis-understood, and is grammatically correct!

6) When hovering over a link in a FaceBook email (or scam webpage) it should show in your browser as “” as in this screenshot:

Genuine FaceBook Email

7) It should never start with “http://…..” and it should NEVER have just numbers where you would expect to see the domain name (eg. etc) as in this link:


Scam FaceBook Email

“” means the website has been verified as belonging to – and any interaction you have with it is via a secure connection (the ‘s’ in https stands for “secure” which in turn means encrypted).

I hope this helps some people from avoiding potentially disastrous consequences for falling for these scams on-line.

If you’ve any other examples of FaceBook scams you’d like to share, or if you’ve fallen for them, please post below, and if you’ve found this information useful, please share it with others that you worry could fall for these scams.

All the best, Mark

Mark Tait

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