Crystal Ball Commissions Review – legit or a scam?


What do you think sells well at Christmas? Everything? Yes, gadgets, gizzmos, the latest pokemon... but as an affiliate marketer, you will know that a scatter gun approach is not the way to make sales. You need to know what to target, right? That is what AMZ Crystal Ball Commissions will help you with.






AMZ Crystal Ball Commissions

Launch Date

8th August 2016

Up-font Price


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Yes - 46 additional products loaded into your website for you


30 day money back guarantee


What do you get?

  • WordPress theme - designed for your toy site
  • Fast Action Christmas Guide for 2016
  • Training for customizing your site
  • Installation guide for uploading your site
  • 50 top toy product reviews in text and word format
  • How to guide for creating your own videos for YouTube
  • Step by step marketing guide for your YouTube videos
  • 9 additional plugins to help your site
  • 50 CTA (call to action) product banners to use with your product reviews
  • 4 toy reviews pre-loaded for you
  • List of an additional 200 top toys recommended for 2016

What's the upsell?

The downloads come with 4 product reviews already built in.

For an additional $17 you can have the other 46 product reviews pre-installed for you too, saving you a lot of time copying, pasting and uploading images. Well worth it imho!

Why should you buy it?

The author has a track record of these types of products in previous years.

You're buying a theme, a list of 200 toys, with 50 professional reviews and graphics already done for you, but most importantly, you're buying a training.

Whether your new to affiliate marketing, or have been doing it for years, you'll probably already know that making money online is a process you can learn.

Following training, with step by step guides, and video tutorials is a straight-forward way to starting your own money making website.

You can view many of the testimonials on the sales page here, where as you'd expect, people say it's worked for them. But for $17, it's a very small investment for a large amount of product.

I have bought this, and I have been doing this for a few years - and I really like the product. So for me, this comes highly recommended.

Sales page video


Very few products do the leg work for you, into market research, and what's going to be up and coming. This one does, and gives you professionally written content, and step by step training on how to build and grow your affiliate website. Don't waste your time and effort trying to find a better product - this is one I have bought, and will be using this Christmas.

As always, thank you for reading my review of AMZ Crystal Ball Commissions, and if you have any comments please leave them below.

All the best, Mark

AMZ Crystal Ball Commissions


If you're not 100% satisfied, you can get a full refund within 30 days of buying the product. So what have you got to lose?

Mark Tait

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