Getting Accurate Results from the Google Keyword Planner

If you've been wondering how to get accurate results from the Google Keyword Planner recently, but have struggled, please read on.

Google updated its keyword planning tool so that you had to have an active AdWords account before you could view accurate search results from the keywords.

For a number of keyword research tools (paid and free) this has really upset the apple cart so to speak. Now their main function, and revenue stream, has been restricted overnight.

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Elegant Themes Divi 3.0 Review

The new update of Elegant Themes Divi 3 page builder is now available, but is it worth the hype?

Elegant Themes​ say:

Divi 3.0 Has Arrived! Introducing The Visual Page Builder So Ridiculously Fast & Easy-To-Use You’ll Think It’s Magic

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How to make money with Facebook

You've heard the stats - over 2 billion active people on the internet - most of them using Facebook - so how can you leverage those staggering numbers to make money with Facebook?

You might think that you can just write a post on Facebook, and it will instantly become viral, being shared 100's of thousands of times, and get you thousands of likes and friends... there are a couple of things to take from that:

  1. it doesn't always happen like that.
  2. even if it did, what is the benefit to you?
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Crystal Ball Commissions Review – legit or a scam?


What do you think sells well at Christmas? Everything? Yes, gadgets, gizzmos, the latest pokemon... but as an affiliate marketer, you will know that a scatter gun approach is not the way to make sales. You need to know what to target, right? That is what AMZ Crystal Ball Commissions will help you with.

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